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Website Development & Maintenance

Leveraging the latest web standards and technologies, proven design practices and agile development methodologies, we build your web applications and online presence in a secure, scalable and sustainable way.

The websites that we develop are highly optimized and can operate on almost any browsers & devices. Our team totally understands how important it is for your business website to deliver a remarkable user experience including web & mobile. The process of customizing websites includes their adjustment to the specific business requirements of our customers. We have mastered web application development from the ground up and can assist with legacy backend migration and streamlining of the existing front-end features. The team TDS has also mastered SEO friendly wordpress website development. We have also successfully deployed a number of eCommerce stores online. 

  1. Websites Design
  2. Custom Web Applications Development
  3. WordPress Website Development
  4. E-commerce Development
  5. CRM / ERP / CMMS Development

Custom Web Development Approach

Flexibility & Efficiency

With custom web development, you get to decide what features you want to integrate in your website/ web product, depending on the various needs of your business. With the help of the latest technology, custom web development can also be easy to keep updated to handle all your changing business demands. This level of flexibility means that custom software is often much more efficient than static web products. Custom applications can help with the automation of repetitive tasks and boost collaboration within a company.


Custom web development gives you full control over what security technologies & protocols you want to integrate into your website. This way you kind of have control over your website security, that too without compromising your business data.

Cost Effectiveness

While developing a custom website for your business may not seem like the most cost effective thing to do at first, doing so can provide you with considerable long-run savings & ROI. Also developing a custom eCommerce store would benefit any given business a boost that they desire with the help of our SEO & PPC marketing campaigns.


As businesses grow, their needs become more complex and require constant upgrades. Custom software development allows you to ensure that your software scales to accommodate your business’ needs considering the growth that you achieve over time. This allows your business to grow faster as at TDS, we provide website maintenance services as well.

Better integration with existing systems

Custom solutions are easy to integrate with any existing systems & technologies and can be designed to accommodate the level of technicality that your users can handle. They can also be used to expand the functionality of existing tools that you’re using and they could be developed to look and function similar to the interface that your users are familiar with.


Custom web development also gives businesses the ability to personalize the look and feel of their online appearance according to their branding theme. It ensures that your website fits seamlessly into your business workflow & suffices all your business needs. With custom development, you can design and develop a system that is aligned with your business model and thus, defines the uniqueness of your brand.